About EL CASA Management

EL CASA Management wants to change the way home services are executed by giving home owners and home service providers’ tools to manage jobs and services and to increase the visibility, flexibility, while reducing costs

Empowering You.

We develop services and software products to help home improvement companies to focus on their artistic craft while we focus on the business and operations. When you become part of our network you have access to a team of professionals who are skilled and ready to help take your company to the next level. If you are the sole employee or you are looking to grow your company we are here to help.

Why EL CASA Management?

  • We Have a Vision Beyond Our Competitors
  • We will step beyond the normal boundaries for the services that are provided to home owners, property managers, and landlords to create a consistent and enjoyable experience.
  • We will continue to test the boundaries of home service providers and be forward thinking in our product and services.

Our Mission

To create the best service experience between home service providers and customers so TRUST can be won between both parties and we are able to leave our homes in a better place for generations to come.

Our Vision

We build relationships and businesses in the home improvement industry one company at a time.

Our Values

The EL CASA Management Values are not listed in any particular order. We believe balance to each of these values allows for the maximum outcome.
  • Collaboration

    The ability to bring different minds together to produce excellence

  • Integrity

    Being moral and ethical while producing the best outcome

  • Inspire

    I inspire You inspire to create amazing outcomes

  • Great People
    Great People

    Our value is in our people

Giving Back To The Community

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