Are you using a scheduling software right now?  If the answer is no, you are missing out.  Scheduling software helps to save you time and streamline your scheduling process.  Saved time equals saved money and more profits.  Here are nine ways that scheduling software can be used to streamline your scheduling and save you time.

Schedule Employees and Clients

A great benefit of scheduling software is that it can be used both for employees and clients.  You can log client meetings in the scheduling software, much the same way you would employees.  You can even send courtesy emails directly from most scheduling software.  This makes scheduling easier for both the employee and the person who schedules them.

Software Linking

Another great benefit is that many scheduling software programs and websites allow you to link with other programs.  The most common use for this feature is to be able to export schedules to Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.

There is a feature supported by software linking that not everyone uses.  You can link timecard software to scheduling software so that the two communicate.  This means that you can get better reporting and you won’t have to input a schedule into another program.  It takes work away from you and the employee.  It also creates higher accountability for payroll tracking.

Repeating Schedule

Scheduling software makes it incredibly easy to use the same schedule over again.  It can be set to just repeat the schedule.  But when it comes time for vacation or a new employee to join the mix, it will alert you of a complication.  This can then be handled quickly and smoothly.  It is even automated unless a change needs to be made.

Employees Can Switch Shifts

Scheduling software makes it incredibly easy for employees to switch shifts.  They can offer their shift on a trade board or directly request it from another employee.  It takes the hard task off you, you are no longer the shift broker going between employees asking who can trade shifts.  You can even set it to automatically approve swaps as long as certain conditions are met.

Scheduling Preferences

Have you ever tried to remember scheduling preferences for your employees or go through lists of scheduling preferences?  This can be tedious and you stand a good chance of accidently scheduling someone against their preference when it can be avoided.  Employees can input scheduling preferences into the software to show when they are available or when they would rather not work.

Paid Time Off Requests

Similar to scheduling preferences, employees can submit paid time off requests to the scheduling software to take vacation. Submitting them this way allows for easy tracking of requests.  It also allows you to view these requests on the schedule when you are working to create it.

Remote Scheduling Access

Did you know a lot of employees spend the first part of their shift looking at, or at least thinking about, their schedule?  When you use scheduling software it doesn’t just become easier for you.  Employees can access their schedules easily from home and see their coworker’s schedules too.  This means that their focus on the schedule is taken away from the schedule and back to work.  It also takes away the need for you to send the schedule to staff members.

Multiple Schedulers

There are times when multiple schedulers may have to work together.  Such as where two departments rely on each other.  With scheduling software you cut back the amount of delay and errors that come up.  You can collaboratively schedule with other schedulers.  More time for both of you to work with your teams.

What Happens When You Go On Vacation?

When most schedulers go on vacation they have to come up with schedules, backup schedules, and backups to the backups.  This is because they know the schedule, everyone’s requirements, and more.  When you have scheduling software, you can actually go on vacation.  

That means no need to worry if John is going to call off or who to call if extra coverage is needed.  It is all in the scheduling software. 

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