Most home improvement contractors are overloaded with tasks. Most people underestimate the amount of work that is required to do what they do. One of the hardest parts of the day is scheduling. Why is that? Keep reading to find out.

It Is Hard To Turn Down Jobs

It is only physically possible for you to work so many jobs, but each job means money. Each job also means the chance for a recommendation to other jobs. For these reasons, it is hard to turn down and jobs that come forward no matter how big or small.
Home improvement contractors do need to turn down jobs no matter how hard it is. When resources are stretched thin, it is not possible to schedule more jobs immediately without delaying other jobs.

Clients Have Unrealistic Expectations

When a client first sets out on a project, their only concept of timetables comes from what they have seen on HGTV, read on the internet, or their personal wants. Often, these expectations are unrealistic. This can make scheduling hard, people want to own on their own schedules. Convincing someone of the timetable a project might really take, can be hard.

Jobs Take A Turn

There are so many reasons why a job might take a turn. One of the most common is that a problem is found that couldn’t be seen before work started. When this happens, it means that a project will take even longer, delaying all of the other projects you had scheduled.

Contractors Work With Subcontractors

Contractors may have a schedule set forth for when everything should be done, but at least some of that work relies on subcontractors and supply companies. If there is any delay with these companies, it can mess with scheduling not just for that one project, but for all of your projects.

Lack of Digital Time Management

Contractors like to use what they are familiar with, and in most cases, that is a paper and pen. They are hesitant to move over to a digital time management solution like most other industries. Those that do, notice less scheduling problems because their time is tracked, their scheduling is properly accounted for, and they can account for problems such as time delays. Everything they need is documented.

Why Focus On Scheduling?

A lot of reasons exist to focus on scheduling. Each one of these reasons will help you to be a more successful home improvement contractor. Here are just a few of the reasons you need to strategically manage your schedule.

  • Customers need to see you, your team, and subcontractors regularly. This helps them to believe you are working. (You are working after all.)
  • There are less needs for overtime and less over rental fees for equipment.
  • In many cases contractors end up owing clients money if they are delayed in finishing a project. You don’t want to end up owing your clients money for being late. That ends up also hurting client satisfaction.
  • Finishing on time or early creates happy clients and good turnaround times. Many people will ask for turnaround times before starting a home improvement project.
  • More consistent business. If you complete a smaller number of projects on time, without delays, you will see more projects over time than if you try to tackle too many projects at one time. This is because customers are happier and you aren’t stretching yourself thin.
  • You aren’t stretched thin when you use the right technology to schedule so you can identify problems that could cause a delay and start to combat them immediately. Preventing any delay or making the delay minor.
  • Staff are better able to work. If staff are working on too many projects, they become weary and need more breaks. If they are assigned to the right number of projects and aren’t stretched thin, they will be better able to operate.

There are in fact, multiple scholarly articles and studies done into project scheduling and what problems you can face. Working with EL CASA Management and their technology solution allows you to be one step closer to having your time back a having less headaches. Contact us at so we can talk to you about our solution. It is essential that you have a solution to the scheduling problems that you face. Properly combating your scheduling woos leads you to making more of an income.