It’s a new year and it’s time to do something different to get the most out of your business. Customers want more for their money so let’s start with earning your new and previous customers’ TRUST. In today’s market TRUST seems so hard to receive from a customer’s perspective. The lack of TRUST with contractors and subcontractors must be on the top 3 concerns of customers when they are working with home improvement professionals. There are a number of different fundamental things any contractor or subcontractor can due to earn the trust of their customers even when they are new customers. We have compiled a list of seven things you can do to instantly earn TRUST with your customers:

Stop Over Promising and Under Delivering

Many times everything does sound too good to be true because we always give the perfect scenario when we know that’s not the norm until we go through an unforeseen negative experience with one of our customers and then we begin to lose the trust of our customer. We want to impress our customers so we should help the customer visualize how the service will take place realistically. In the long run your customers will be impressed with a vision that matched reality.

Be Honest

Your customers pay attention to the words that come out of your mouth so being honest allows you to build TRUST that does not have a glass foundation. Many times we know there are times that the information we share with customers will not be in your best interest from a financial perspective; however, it will help to win your customers over.

Get to Know Your Customer

Anytime a real relationship is built there is connection that allows your customer to pay attention to the advice or recommendations that you make. Your relationships with your customers allow your message to resonate if presented in the right tone and context. So whenever you’re trying to build a relationship with your customer it doesn’t mean talk just to hear yourself talk it means talk to learn about your customers interests. Write what you have learned about your customers down or capture them in a system you are using so the next time you see them you can have a reference point to start the next great conversation.

This Is NOT A Job This Is A Marketing Tool

Remember each time you perform a service or job your customer will refer you when the time is right; however, mess up a job or a service and your customer will tell everyone. Think about it this way every job helps you come closer to your next job so take advantage of the free marketing from your customers.

Capitalize On the Little Things

We here this phrase all the time; however, what does this statement mean? Get the simple things right like being early versus on time goes a long way these days. Be energetic when talking with your customers because a dull contractor does not get a customer excited about working with YOU.

Do an Amazing Job

There is a blog we wrote last year titled “These proven essentials will help you deliver an amazing job” is a great reference for ways you can deliver an amazing job for your customers. Remember growth comes from doing an amazing job.

Share some FREE Advice

When you are having a good conversation with one of your customers figure out ways to save your customer money they will appreciate your suggestions. If there is a way to provide your customers an “A-HA” moment for their problem they will remember what you did for them.

This is not an exhaustive list of things you can do to increase the TRUST with your customers; however, it’s a starting place. We want to offer you some FREE advice based on our experience working with contractors and customers. If you are a Home Improvement Service Provider (Contractor) that has not joined our mailing list so you can be part of the many companies that will be using our software platform to address many of the challenges you may face running your business please go to the and let us contact you and keep you informed.

EL CASA Management is creating a software platform called EL CASA for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more.

About EL CASA Management, Inc.:

EL CASA Management believes it can help create the best service experience between home service providers and customers so TRUST can be won between both parties and we can leave our homes in a better place for generations.

EL CASA Management develops services and software products to help home improvement companies to focus on their artistic craft while we focus on the business and the best way to facilitate their services. When you become part of our network you have access to a team of professionals who are skilled and ready to help take your company to the next level. If you are the sole employee or you are looking to grow your company we are here to help.