As we fly into the last seasonal holiday many of us are thinking about what to include on our Christmas list. Is it a new drone or new tools to make work easier? Make sure to include these 6 most-recommended items on your list.

More of the RIGHT type of Customers

What is the right type of customers? The customers who support your business because of the great work you have done for them or because of the relationship you have been able to establish with them in a short period of time. Gaining these types of customers requires a strong healthy relationship and information about your customers. If you don’t have information readily available to you about your customers you don’t have the RIGHT customers. Here is a few ways to win your customers heart.

More time creating value and less time on administrative tasks

Going into business and starting a company has always been a great choice! Why were you not warned about all of the administration tasks you would have to do? There is a phrase that expresses the evolution to having successful businesses. Good companies use technology. Great companies use technology and have processes. Exceptional companies use technology and have processes to create systems. The home improvement service industry could use more companies in each of the categories as a company moves from great to exceptional. Where are you in your company evolution?

Better organization of my business 

Organization is not for everyone; however, for business that can be the difference between winning a job and not winning a job or the difference of making a small profit or a larger profit on a job. So… why are we not organized? Organization requires structure and maybe some process. Having some type of tool to manage all the spinning plates is something you should look for in the market. In the future if you are not using technology you will lose business and maybe your company because you will not be able to keep up with the companies that adopted technology.

Better communication with my customers

Communication is something everyone must work on in order to deliver superior service. Getting better at communication is not something that happens over night; however, it takes place when we make it a priority and we work towards it every day by doing the small things such as remembering to send a simple communication to our customers to remind them they have a service that will take place the next day. Start small and start today and send your customers a communication that allows them to know you value communication between you and them. Find a system that has this built in as part of the process.

Better overall interactions with sub-contractors and employees

These days there are many software companies out there that allow you to organize and improve the internal confusions that may occur. The reduction of missed interactions between sub-contractors and employees can save you time and money. Imagine the amount of money that would be in your pocket if there was a way to organize a simple coordination between you and your workers.

More money in my pocket

Lastly, if you could do more with less that will allow you to do some of the things you have wanted to do in the past such as hire more people, take more time off, and take care of your family in a way which you thought could not be done. Sometimes it is the smaller changes we make the have the greater impact when it comes to making more money. Any competitive edge you can get allows you the opportunity to make more money. Acquiring the right software to your business allows for you to have a chance in making more money.

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About EL CASA Management, Inc.:

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