If you are a small to medium size business providing services to home owners, today, is the right time for you to embrace technology to deliver the best possible experience for the company and your customers.  Over a span of 50+ years from the first calculator to the smart phones the technology has evolved to the point that every business has the ability to compete if the right technology is used. Many consumers are using their smart phones as well as the Internet to order their services. The days of calling someone on the phone first to get a service done on their house is starting to fade out. If your a small to medium size company that is using technology to manage your operations congratulations you are probably in the top 1%. Many times these businesses are using between 3 to 5 apps to run their business. A common software platform to manage a variety of aspects of your business can make the world of difference.

The science of executing great home service is calculated with the following:

  • using the right software to maximize your operations
  • making strategic decisions with the right information
  • scaling your business for impact

Using the right software so your company is able to capture the right information about your company can change your company cash flow from a company barely making money to a company that can see a profit. Once you have the right software in place having the ability to understand your business to the point there is an understanding whether the business is making a 10% profit vs 30% profit can impact  your decision on the discounts provided to your consumers. Lastly, scaling your business must entail maintaining or increasing the quality and capacity of the company services while taking on more opportunities.

To find more information about this topic download our FREE white paper at the following link. “The Science of Great Home Service“.

EL CASA Management is creating a software platform called EL CASA for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more.

About EL CASA Management, Inc.:

EL CASA Management believes it can help create the best service experience between home service providers and customers so TRUST can be won between both parties and we can leave our homes in a better place for generations.

EL CASA Management develops services and software products to help home improvement companies to focus on their artistic craft while we focus on the business and the best way to facilitate their services. When you become part of our network you have access to a team of professionals who are skilled and ready to help take your company to the next level. If you are the sole employee or you are looking to grow your company we are here to help.