Every customer is unique and every customer wants to be treated special. So how can you win the hearts of our customers? One simple example that comes to my mind is when I bought a brand new townhouse in the city. Town homes in the city are built vertical to conserve space which means there is usually living space on one of the higher floors. Anytime something new is bought especially a purchase that costs a lot of money there is a deep attachment and connection to that purchase. So I was enjoying my new place and one month into living in my new place my tub from my upper floor bathroom overflowed when taking a bath. Thank goodness I was still in warranty period; however, when I reached out to the builder they responded with the urgency as if they were a policeman who had just received an emergency call. The builder offered many apologies and they even offer a small voucher for my inconvenience. This attention was all great; however, the quickness of their response to my request and their ability to fix the house as though it was new again was the service that won me over. Over the next several months and couple of years the builder reached out to me to check to see how things were going on the house. This builder knows how to win the hearts of a customer. Here are the tips I learned from this experience about winning the hearts of your customer.

Tip #1 Offer Real Value Not Perceived Value 

What is Value? Value means different things to each customer so you must get to know your customers. It’s ones judgement of what is important in life. Here are some examples of ways to provide value. (These proven essentials will help you deliver an amazing job) Once you get to know your customers you can offer REAL value instead of what I call PERCEIVED value. In the example at the beginning the REAL value to me was the builder’s responsiveness and their ability to fix the issue quick. The PERCEIVED value was the voucher that was offered.

Tip #2 Value = TRUST 

Many times as business owners and especially employees we do not offer our customers the value they deserve. If we want to continue to have their business we must understand that when we offer value we earn their trust. Many customers go to the people or companies they trust. Many times we have this inclination that since this person is my friend I trust them; however, that is not always the case. Trust does not happen based on one encounter.

Tip #3 Trust is earned over time

Trust is a feeling that is earned over time and not only with great big events or over the top outcomes but most of the time with little and simple actions over time. Going back to my original story the frequent communications after the incident were the things that allowed me to trust the builder. Many times when people are sharing stories and singing a company’s praises this allows for the early stages of trust to be built through a trusted source your friend or relative. Figure out ways to allow other people to sing your praises so your trust deposits increase over time.

Tip #4 Nurture Your Customers

Happy customers equal new and repeat business and/or referrals. Each opportunity you have to nurture your customers you should do so.  You do not have to bribe your customers. A simple call or a note understanding how they are doing is starting point. Get to really know your customers so you can make sure your customers know how you are able to help them. Remember happy customers can help you increase your business.

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