The home improvement industry has increased its market dramatically. Why? In the following blog we provide some insight “6 Reasons why YOU should pay attention to the Home Improvement Industry“. This industry is rapidly changing and sometimes customers do not know where to start in the process of having home improvements. Most customers ask their friends or neighbors; however, that is limiting when trying to have a high quality job matched with a reasonable cost.  A customer is looking for a company they can TRUST and a company is trying to provide a customer the RIGHT solution.  The following proven essentials are helpful when delivering an amazing job.

Transparency of the Service Process

The access to information today can feel overwhelming at times; however, when money is at stake we want as much information as possible. When having work done to your home nobody wants to feel like they were taken advantage of during their job. With smart phones, iPads, and computers the ability to understand what services will be executed and when the service will take place is a game changer if the service provider can provide that information.

Managing Risk

We are all control maniacs in some form especially when we are spending thousands of dollars on a remodeling job. The customer and the service provider all want the favorable outcome yet when two or more are involved in communication to each other only one thing creates a common ground which is one place where both people can access the same information. Hence the reason there are so many online collaboration tools. What about managing your money? Financial risks can come into the picture by not understanding the true cost to execute the job or not having insurance to recuperate from major mistakes. As a service provider make sure to pay attention to the details and insurer your business and work so you are protect if something were to go wrong.

Delivering Superior Quality

If you are a service provider and you do not feel confident or love what you are doing it may be hard to deliver quality work. As a customer, listen and pay attention to the description of the service provider’s plan of execution. Do they really understand the final outcome? As a service provider what type of quality assurance process do you have in place? Do you have some type of walk through with your employees before you show your customers?

Fantastic Reputation

A bad reputation can land any service provider in a place where no one wants to work with you. What do the reviews say about you? What does a resource such as the Better Business Bureau say about you? What do your customers say about the you? Some companies have a great reputation because of their marketing and brand; however, that doesn’t speak to the quality of the work.  As a service provider make sure to validate your information.

Jack of all Trades and Master of None

Be careful on how you position yourself to your customers for the type of work you can do. Just like most jobs people are skilled at one job even though they can do multiple jobs. Is the service provider open about telling you they are responsible for ensuring quality work? With larger companies a big name can sometimes hide the lack of skilled resources so customers seem to find the contractors where they are passionate about their work.

Putting the Customer 1st

Many times it feels as though there is a misunderstanding between customers and contractors as it relates to time management. Sometimes customers do not understand how an unexpected work or task sometimes arise when executing job; however, on the other hand it seems as though it’s simple for a service provider to send some type of communication to let the customer know they are behind on time. If we look into the near future the service providers that do not use the right technology will begin to separate themselves from their peers and they will begin to lose customers and nobody wants that.

If you are a Home Improvement Service Provider (Contractor) looking to build a better bond with your customers and earn their TRUST while separating yourself from your peers and you want to provide more transparency, manage your risk, build a solid reputation, and be known for your work please join our mailing list so you can be part of the many companies that will be joining our software platform later this year.

EL CASA Management is creating a software platform called EL CASA for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more.

About EL CASA Management, Inc. :

EL CASA Management believes it can help create the best service experience between home service providers and customers so TRUST can be won between both parties and we can leave our homes in a better place for generations.

EL CASA Management develops services and software products to help home improvement companies to focus on their artistic craft while we focus on the business and the best way to facilitate their services. When you become part of our network you have access to a team of professionals who are skilled and ready to help take your company to the next level. If you are the sole employee or you are looking to grow your company we are here to help.