Security and stability is something most individuals want in life and owning a home contributes to that thought of security and stability. Where are we in the home ownership life cycle? The baby boomers are starting to retire to smaller homes and all of the generations between the baby boomers and the millennials are starting to become home owners or buy bigger homes. With growth taking place in home ownership there is an influx of needing more companies that understand the customer’s needs. There are many reasons to pay attention to this industry; however, we want to narrow it down to these 6 thoughts.

Reason #1Stability and security is part of the American Dream and the American Dream built on owning a home. This Dream is easily a billion dollar industry if not more.

  • Families are the largest demographic for buying homes and overall home sales are increasing
  • 1st time home buyers continue to be the largest home purchasers according to

Reason #2Time over Labor.

  • Home owners do not enter ownership with the inclination that someone in the household is handy enough to fix everything that arises.
  • Working parents feel they don’t have the adequate time to spend between: work, kinds and significant others, social life, and home maintenance.
  • If there is an ideal choice between quality family time and home repairs the favorite choice is going to be spending time with family.

Reason #3One of the most underestimated industries that uses technology to execute home services but has tremendous potential in generating money.

  • $300B dollar industry – home repairs is only 1.8% of this industry
  • The spending for home improvement projects for people under the age of 35 is well above those who are above the age 35 by a minimum of 30%
  • As millennials jump into the housing market the spending in this area will increase due to the lack of training in home repairs while they grew up

Reason #4 – The ambiguity in this industry on how to get the best outcome while trusting the contractor is s huge factor these days.

  • Home owners are looking for a centralized place where they can get good prices, quality home improvement service, while not feeling like their schedules must be altered to get a service done.
  • How do I protect myself from some service providers? Will the provider uphold to standards in their delivery of work?
  • Is the quality so good that I do Not need to get a second opinion?

Reason #5This industry is getting more home service providers that are skilled artistic labor and less business savvy.

  • Many times home service providers who start their own business in this industry did not go to school for business they went to school for a craft
  • The increase of remodels and custom homes have contributed to homes being customized to their owners which requires skilled and artistic labor, however, new company owners take time and experience to understand how to make money.

Reason #6EL CASA Software Platform is coming soon and the mission of creating the best experience between a customer and a home service provider is the first of its kind.

  • The EL CASA Platform will provide a centralized place to make strategic business decisions and manage operations for home service providers
    Administration of tasks is a home service provider’s worst nightmare due to the time it takes to manage all the transactions; however, we help save time with administration tasks.
  • Our software platform allows for our service providers to have consistency in how they manage their information.
  • The EL CASA Software Platform will have the ability for the customer to interact with a home service provider that creates a better experience

If you are a Home Service Provider (Contractor or Company) and you do not have technology to help you manage your business or you are looking for technology that can help you manage your business better please join our mailing list so you can be part of the many companies that will be joining our platform later this year.

EL CASA Management is creating a software platform called EL CASA for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more. Let us help you with your business. Please contact:

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About EL CASA Management, Inc. :

EL CASA Management believes it can change the way home services are executed by giving home owners and service providers tools to manage jobs and services and to increase the visibility, flexibility, while adding value.Superior Quality. Spare Time. Save Money. Should be at the heart of every service provider.
EL CASA Management was founded by visionaries who wanted to have the ability to ease the process of managing rental properties by improving the interactions between the renter, the property manager/landlord, and the service providers. EL CASA Management will change the way home services are executed and change the way home services are offered. Contact us so we can show you our solution.