Whenever we look at companies with strong brands like Google, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Facebook, and Nike their brand is strong. Each person who has interacted with these companies can associate some type of memory or has established some type of relationship with the company which allows the brand to become tangible and real. Creating long lasting relationships or lasting memories starts with some type of unforgettable experience. Think about the first time you performed a search through Google and all of the responses you received back in the results. If you were to try to go to the library and get similar results it would be hard to achieve. The following points provide some points on creating a brand that is memorable.

Points #1 – You must be part of us.
Your company must create a relationship with its customers in order for the customers to help spread the wonderful things your company can do for others. Today there seems to be a lack of professionalism even for the jobs we may say are not as skilled, however, professionalism should be a priority for each company. Professionalism is not the only point to make about wanting to be part of something great. A company’s culture must align with your customer’s culture. Imagine Coca-Cola not producing a high quality product? We probably would not consider Coca-Cola as a leading beverage provider. Lastly, every company wants to put their stamp of approval that they make their customers happy or succeed. When your customers stand out in the market your competitors and customers want to know the secret to their success. You want your company name in the center of the discussion on creating success.

Point #2 – My service or product can make you better.
Each quarter and year publicly traded companies are in the spotlight for delivering stellar results to their shareholders. These results must be better than last year or suffer the consequences from the investors who lose trust in you. Your company brand needs to be strong enough to allow your customers to know they will have a competitive edge to the point where their goals are exceeded or met. There must be some type of indicator of confidence to make your customers feel you are the right company to make them excel. Another aspect a customer should consider is the speed in which your company can add value to their organization. Adding value early in an interaction sets the stage for good conversations and partnership. Each customer must always feel your company is constantly improving their service or product to make them better.

Point #3 – Provide a platform where your customers need to inform others about you.
Once a great relationship or memory has been established help your customers to share all the great things you have done for them. If there is a conference or a show which you are involved has your customers talk with you to share their story. Social media is another great platform for your customers to share their story about you. A story from a customer’s mouth goes further than a story from your mouth. When talking with potential new customers many times these new customers want to hear about your successes. This gives them the confidence you will be able to go above and beyond the call of duty to produce or execute on something great. Many times when companies do an amazing job they don’t speak enough about it. These days with multiple social media avenues there should not be a lack of sharing the successes. In order to have great stories to tell about your company the company must learn how to make your customers succeed through listening and bringing their best talent.

Your brand is more than just your logo, however, making the customers feel they are part of your organization or by making your customers stand out in the crowd by making them better than a year ago or by creating a platform where your customers can brag about you will make it easy to say “That company is a great company to work with and I stand behind them!” Does your brand say this about you?

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