During my consulting days we always talked about having an impressive and over the top service; however, what does that mean? Over the last few months I have been working on the other side of the consulting life as a client. I have been working with several companies to help me build my company and I have realized very quickly the importance of building an excellent service brand. It seems to me we all need a reminder of the importance of having and excellent service brand so I wanted to provide five points to be considered when thinking about your service brand. These points are all equally weighted so there is no importance in the order of these points.

You must build trust.
In business today trust plays an extremely large role in building relationships that last a long time. The strongest relationships are built through experiences and the repeated experiences are built on trust. This may sound simple; however, it’s the simple tasks that can help build the trust of your customer or client. For example, what happens when there is the lack of communication between a customer? Confusion? The potential for misguided decisions on both parties side. Trust is not the only point which must be considered when building an excellent service brand. The quality of work is an important point as well.

Quality is mandatory not optional.
When any business operates in the service industry, quality becomes a determining factor for any customer. Quality is so important that one might think quality should be part of the fabric of the company. Each individual in the company should have a high level of responsibility to their company and job in order to appreciate the level of quality that should be delivered every day. Delivering exceptional quality allows for your customers to be at the center of what makes your business successful.

Always have your customers or clients goals at the forefront of your decisions.
Each business will grow when your customer or clients are at the center of the strategy. The most successful businesses thrive off the success of their customers. Whenever your customers make money you can make money. This takes me to my next point to give your customer something to think about by providing them some advice or information that your customers didn’t have before.

Offer frequent free information.
Many times when we are thinking about trying something new we always look to the internet to get some advice or information to become more informed or make a decision on a question we may have. That additional information or value we received can have a potential impact to our outcome. In the same manner have valuable conversations with your customers so they feel you have them in the forefront of their minds. Allow them to make a difference in their surroundings because you provided them some valuable information. It’s free to offer information. One of the easiest things for any person within a company can do which we many times undervalue is talk about our successes in our businesses.

Talk about your successes to everyone.
Everyone loves a success story and many times those success stories are told multiple times because we love them. Many times as an employee we devalue the importance of talking about our successes to everyone especially our customers because we are too busy looking for something else. Find your success stories and talk about them.

When part of your brand is focused on excellence in service there seems to be a nice correlation to an increase in business and repeat clients or customers. Check out this article by Alex McEachern – Repeat Customers are Profitable! Here are the Stats to Prove it! 
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