Rocky IV happens to be one of my favorite boxing movies. Remember in Rocky IV when Apollo Creed was killed by Ivan Drago in the boxing ring at an exhibition fight? Rocky struggled internally because he saw his best friend killed in a sport he loved so much. In this particular situation what do you do? Rocky struggled with his identity of a fighter that was semi-retired. In the early start of your business there will always be a time when growing or starting a business becomes challenging to the point where your identity is challenged as a company. Usually when a microbusiness comes to life many times there is an identity crisis that takes place because the original idea or scope is so wide it’s hard to determine the direction to take the company. The company owner may or may not know how to truly operate a business because they have not had enough battle scares to understand what works and what doesn’t work. So while you are figuring that out let’s focus on adoption. adoption: the action of taking on or assuming (an attitude or position) There are three areas of adoption that we want to focus on: customer adoption, the speed of adoption to change, adoption of technology. These three areas of focus become harder to control the larger your organization becomes so let’s dig into these three areas to get some insight on why microbusinesses should focus on these adoptions.

Customer Adoption

Customer Adoption is the action of a customer taking a position that they stand behind your service(s) or product(s). What does it take to have a customer stand behind your company? It takes a company that produces or provides a need to a customer that has not been filled. Additionally, it takes an outstanding customer service to allow the customer to understand and feel there needs are getting addressed whether if a question or an issue or a compliment is raised. Lastly, it takes customer awareness of your products or services. All of these components create a great recipe for customer adoption, however, customer adoption is not the only adoption needed for a microbusiness to achieve success. The speed in which a microbusiness can change is equally important.

The Speed of Adoption to Change

The only thing that is consistent in everyone’s world is change. It does not matter which stage in life you are in there will be change. When operating a business change takes place as regular basis. The goal during a change is to quickly adopt to the change so that you can adjust to all of the processes, employee resources,  and products/services that will follow once the change occurs. It is always painful at the beginning, however, once your mindset has changed the adoption of the change can occur.

Adoption of Technology

Depending on which side of the fence you sit on whether you are a person who likes technology or is challenged with technology will determine how new technology is adopted. Recently I was talking with a group of friends who’s company was still using Windows 2000 operating systems because a few of their key applications had not been upgraded. Can you imagine all of the information and functionality they could be missing out on? The goal to adopting technology is to embrace the technology with the mindset that the technology will get upgraded at some point in time. While the technology is getting upgraded enjoy some of the other technologies that make your business more competitive.

It’s all about the adoption this month. You have the Eye of the Tiger!

EL CASA Management is creating a platform called EL CASA for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more.  Let us help you with your business.

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EL CASA Management believes it can change the way home services are executed by giving home owners and service providers tools to manage jobs and services and to increase the visibility, flexibility, while adding value.Superior Quality. Spare Time. Save Money. Should be at the heart of every service provider.

EL CASA Management was founded by visionaries who wanted to have the ability to ease the process of managing rental properties by improving the interactions between the renter, the property manager/landlord, and the service providers.  EL CASA Management will change the way home services are executed and change the way home services are offered. Contact us so we can show you our solution.