In today’s business it is really easy to get caught into our daily routines and not notice all of the activities around us. When was the last time you took a holistic view of your business and understood your strategy and how it draws your customers to you, or how your strategy makes your employees better, and what about you? Maybe you took a look at your business last year and you made some procedural changes so why should you look at your business now? I’m a big sports fan and growing up I loved watching the Chicago Bulls when Michael Jordan was on the team. I can recall right before the Bulls won all of the championships back to back the Bulls didn’t have winning  records because they didn’t have the competitive edge they needed, they didn’t have a brand behind them so no respect was provided to them, and they didn’t have something special weaved into their fabric. Their coach Phil Jackson worked with the team decision makers in order for them to build something special that allowed them to win multiple championships. No one starts a business to become obsolete or to get left behind. There are a number of things to examine, however, let’s focus on the following: do I really have a competitive edge? How strong is my brand and what makes up my brand? Do I leverage technology in the right way where technology is the differentiator rather than a crutch?

What is my competitive edge?

  • Do you really know how your business measures against your peers? As a business owner do you have the financial understanding of the services and the prices your competitor is providing? These are the questions each business owner should be asking all the time.
  • What does your company look like in 3,5,10 years out? Am I offering a number of services to stay alive or do I have a set of core services prices right where I win the majority of the time? Mature your business model to understand how you can pivot in order to make your company stand out among the rest.
  • What will it take to separate my business from the rest of the pack? Developing your business so your services become the differentiator allows for you to evolve your business beyond your competitors.

Do I have a strong brand?

  • Do you know what people are saying about your company? Once you have an understanding of how you are branded then you can tailor your marketing strategy to help you grow.
  • How is your company recognized in your market? If your company is recognized as the company that has the best program then having the best program is your selling differentiator.
  • In many cities your brand carries your company to the point where sales follow you versus you having chase the sales. Get to this point!

How is technology woven into my business?

  • How is technology enabling your company? Do you feel you have an advantage or do you feel you are on equal grounds with your competitors? You want the advantage so you are not left behind.
  • Let technology enhance your business and company brand. Technology should be something that allows your company to have the edge not waste time.
  • If technology is not part of your future strategy your business will get left behind due to the way technology lends itself to taking companies to a new level in their business. If technology is used correctly with processes your business should be able to scale and new growth follows.

Businesses are moving so fast it can be hard trying to keep up with all of the changes. Obviously one of your goals when running a business is not to get left behind. A living strategy that focuses on your competitive edge and your brand while weaving technology into the middle allows for you to position your business in a way to become a leader in your city and your industry. Make a leap and continue to develop your living strategy to be the leader of industry.

El Casa Management is creating a platform called EL CASA for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more.  Let us help you with your business. Please contact:

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About El Casa Management, Inc. :

El Casa Management believes it can change the way home services are executed by giving home owners and service providers’ tools to manage jobs and services and to increase the visibility, flexibility, while adding value. Superior Quality. Spare Time. Save Money. Should be at the heart of every service provider.

El Casa Management was founded by visionaries who wanted to have the ability to ease the process of managing rental properties by improving the interactions between the renter, the property manager/landlord, and the service providers.  El Casa Management will change the way home services are executed and change the way home services are offered. Contact us so we can tall to you about our solution.