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Have you ever gone to a clothing store and decided to buy clothes four or five sizes larger or smaller? Why? It’s simple. We want our clothes to fit. Many times in business we buy software that is too large or too small. For example, Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet has been a tool I have seen used more and beyond its capability. In my consulting days I have heard clients reference a spreadsheet as if it was a database. Clearly a spreadsheet is not a database. I have heard Microsoft Excel referenced as a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Clearly a spreadsheet is not a CRM tool.

What are some of the reasons software is misused?

  • The software we purchase is the only the only software we are familiar with using.
  • Developing a custom solution is too expensive.
  • A custom solution is too expensive to maintain due to lack of skilled resources or the overhead costs of having a staff member.
  • For small to medium-size companies a rational decision seems to be cost effective to buy a Commercial of the Shelf (COTS). A COTS solution is Microsoft Office. Some COTS solutions can be extended to create functionality needed specifically for your company. The challenge comes when your software needs to be upgraded and your custom solution is not supported as part of the upgrade in software.
  • Sometimes we use the 80/20 rule to make decisions on the software we purchase. As long as the software gets the business 80 percent of the way we feel comfortable. The remaining 20 percent is the most time consuming because we do not realize this last 20 percent takes up all of our time.
  • Once we begin to buy software for different aspects of our business we realize we lose operating time due to the different solutions that run our businesses. For example, we manage our customers and our finances with Microsoft Excel. We manage our schedules with Google calendars. We use emails to communicate quotes and any other information. A few months down the road when it is time to understand all of the activities that have transpired with one customer we are lost.

Even though embracing software is a big step in improving the operations and management of the business you do not want the software to weigh down the business.
Here are a few reasons businesses need to embrace the right type of software.

  • Increasing the impact of your time – Much time is lost with operating the business versus making strategic decisions.
  • Reducing the complexity in your business – We complicate our business by utilizing too many software.
  • Minimizing any additional business costs – More complexity and software may require more support staff which starts to erode away your profit.
  • Diminish unwanted costs – Expenses to upgrade or customize some software can become hidden costs because no one can anticipate all the change your business is going to have throughout the years.
  • Proliferate your growth – When the wrong software is used our business is not nimble enough to adjust for growth.

Taking the time to find the right software solution is imperative to be able to have a competitive edge in business. Today, the software we use to run our business needs to have the capability to help manage our business, to improve quality, to enhance our service while providing business insights, and to help us make intelligent decisions while running our business.
El Casa Management is creating a platform called El Casa for service providers in the home repair or improvement business to operate their day to day operations from customer management to scheduling to payment collection and much more. Let us help you with your business.

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About El Casa Management, Inc. :

El Casa Management believes it can change the way home services are executed by giving home owners and service provider’s tools to manage jobs and services and to increase the visibility, flexibility, while adding value. Superior Quality. Spare Time. Save Money. Should be at the heart of every service provider.

El Casa Management was founded by visionaries who wanted to have the ability to ease the process of managing rental properties by improving the interactions between the renter, the property manager/landlord, and the service providers. El Casa Management will change the way home services are executed and change the way home services are offered. Contact us so we can show you our solution.